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Outstanding mentoring, following fashion trends, constant education in Slovenia and abroad, use of high-quality materials and cosmetics, our passion for the profession, all this is a guarantee for a quality and fashionable service.

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In modern life our hands are an indispensable part of communication. In our salon we take care of your nails, polish them, do minor repairs. We use only high-quality materials.

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The focus of our work is on treatment and regeneration of hair. To achieve best results, we use JOICO products, which provide maximal protection against chemical treatment. With that we can guarantee extremely quality colouring results, while hair remains in excellent condition.

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Make-up is an important part of every lady. The art of make-up has not changed much through time, while trends and fashion have. Our make-up artists can advise for different occasions, they master a broad range of different techniques, from very basic to more demanding services.

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Facial care, trimming moustache and beard with a pristine barber approach, our team offers men a service that is almost forgotten. They will pamper you with new trends that bring back the tradition.

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A proper blow-dry for ladies requires good knowledge and some creativity. We take blow-drying seriously and really want the job to be done as it should be for ladies. Perfect!

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